Paul and Amanda - Cammidge House Wedding

I heard from Paul and Amanda just a few months ago - they had decided on a short engagement and were hoping I'd be available for their Friday afternoon wedding in July and, as I'm sure you can tell, I was! 

Amanda is a friend of my sister, Whitney, and had asked her to be the stylist for the bridal party. I was pretty excited, to be able to work alongside her! 

The preparations leading up to the ceremony were relatively relaxed - everyone seemed to be content just to be a part of the celebration. 

One of my favourite moments of the day was when Fi (the groom's daughter) and Lou (the bride's son) arrived and were swept up into the fun. I remember, so distinctly, how special it was for me to be a part of my parents' weddings when they remarried and I could see that in the faces of Fi and Lou. 

We took some of the bridal party photos before the ceremony began (whilst carefully keeping the bride away from the groom!) in order to save on time between the ceremony and the reception. Paul really wanted to keep with tradition and not see Amanda until she came down the aisle, so we arranged a "pre-game" hand hold for the couple. The excitement on both of their faces was so lovely and I must admit, I teared up! 

The ceremony was beautiful and sentimental - the vows that Paul and Amanda wrote and shared with one another were absolutely perfect. 

And just like that... they were Mr. & Mrs.!

Family photos followed the ceremony immediately before we all headed off (in vintage convertibles!) to take some photos down at the beach and in the "Secret Garden". 

Then it was back to the Cammidge House for an outdoor reception and tacos from Tacofino! After playing games on the lawn, eating and enjoying the beautiful weather, the guests were all seated under the summery tent and listened to the heartfelt speeches of friends and family before hitting the dance floor. 

What a spectacular day! 

Congratulations, Amanda and Paul! Thank you for letting me share in your beautiful celebration - May God richly bless your marriage with love and laughter. 

xo J