Zander, Kalia & Malachi - Fort Langley

I met Malachi just less than 6 months ago - he had just recently entered into this grand world of ours and had become, in no time at all, one of the most popular members of his family! Parents, grand-parents, aunties and uncles alike were thrilled at the arrival of this precious little dude and, based on posts I've seen over the past few months from the aforementioned family members, his popularity is only increasing! 

I was privileged to be asked by my sweet cousin (and Malachi's mommy), Kalia, to take some newborn photos back in the Winter and happily agreed, approximately half a year later, to capture some photos of the Cellarius family as well as some 6-month portraits of Mr. Malachi. 

Who could say no to this crew?

I live in Vancouver, but I always enjoy venturing out to Fort Langley for photos - there is something so quaint and pleasant about it... everyone seems to be at least a tad bit more relaxed! It was a beautiful, sunny Spring day and we were surrounded by bikers and hikers and families heading out for picnics - doesn't that sound idyllic for a Saturday? 

It is always a lovely day when you spend it in good company, but I just happened to luck out with good company AND great weather. Thank you, Kalia and Zander (and Malachi) for a wonderful Saturday outing! Happy six-month milestone to the little man. Xo