Grads of 2017

June is an exciting time - Summer is finally at our doorstep, the weather is warm and cheery and it seems like there are celebrations everywhere you look! As the school year comes to a close, many students are prepping for exams, planning holiday adventures and ultimately looking forward to the next year/grade. For those students who have reached the end of their journey through high school, this is also a time of celebration for the chapter of their lives that is now complete as well as a time of anticipation for the world of possibilities that awaits them; an end and a beginning. 

There are always mixed emotions at graduations. There is often elation over the fact that the "task" is completed - no more homework assignments or group projects (for the time being) and a chance to branch out from the seemingly "small world" of your local school faction. There is also often a sadness over leaving the comfortable familiarity of the world you've known since Kindergarten, perhaps even having moved through those 13 years with many of the same students. There is joy and sorrow, intermingled. 

HOWEVER, the day of a graduation banquet, although sometimes tear-inducing, is much more about the JOYFUL side of things! Everyone looking their very best and creating memories to last until the next reunion... not to mention a myriad of adoring family and friends coming out to see their grads at their finest - quite a day! 

It was a real privilege to celebrate this milestone with some wonderful young people. Thank you for having me as a part of your special day and may you always strive to be people who make the world around them a better place. Congratulations to the Grads of 2017!