Outside Mullingar - Pacific Theatre

As some may know, I love many different forms of art. Music has been a major part of my life since my earliest days and Theatre/Performance has been a passion of mine that I have pursued alongside my photography. I've had the privilege, over the past year, to be involved as a performer in a few projects with Pacific Theatre - "Sideshow" (Improv), "Testament", "The Wolves" and "Problem Child" that will be going up in July. I love this Theatre Company and what they stand for and was thrilled, therefore, to be able to also be involved with "Outside Mullingar" though this time as a photographer! 

This show, written by John Patrick Shanley, is a heart-warming, surprisingly comical tale of two neighbouring families in Mullingar, Ireland. With a superbly talented cast and a delightfully witty script, this show is an absolute treat. 

The show runs at Pacific Theatre until June 10th - Catch it if you can!