Moments for Moms

My sister is involved in a wonderful "mothers group" out in Tsawwassen that meets up every second and fourth Tuesday of the month - it is a chance to visit, share personal experiences in parenting and connect with other women/mothers that are walking a similar journey. This group was established 50 years ago and continues to be a much needed "sanctuary" for local moms to this day.

I had the pleasure of capturing some of the fabulous women involved in this group at their annual Mother's Day Tea at South Delta Baptist Church. 

I have such admiration for these women - soldiering through years of limited sleep, dirty diapers, sticky hands, endless laundry and fights over bathtimes and bedtimes. I know that there are many joys in motherhood as well - admiration and affection from children who consider you to be their sun and stars, but the patience and love required to put your children's needs ahead of your own on a daily basis is quite remarkable. 

So, well done Moms! You are admired and appreciated!