The Woeste Family

As a photographer, I have the pleasure (and privilege) of meeting some pretty fantastic people. I had met Victoria before she booked her family session with me (as she is a good friend of my sister) but it's lovely to see people in different settings. For some, a windy, chilly day that resulted in a quick change of photo location may have thrown them into a bit of a tizzy, but this family was quick to laugh, happy to follow me wherever I thought was best and to even venture through some mud with me - Cody (Dad) just scooped up Isaac (the youngest) and trudged on through!

The boys were sweet and silly - my favourite! I think that Vicky and Cody were mostly just wanting to get through the experience with everyone a) happy and b) clean! Luckily there were no muddy jeans or grass stains for the half an hour we spent together (which is a small miracle with 3 boys!)

Spending some time in the sunshine with this crew was a lot of fun - Brady, Samuel and Isaac were little gentlemen and I could tell they had practiced their "model smiles" at home :) 

I wanted to make it at least a LITTLE fun for them, so I snapped a few photos of them running, jumping and just generally enjoying being kids.

Thank you, Woeste family, for a lovely time! xo