Casey the Brave - 1st Birthday.

If you know me, you know that I absolutely adore my nephews. I have said to my sister "how do you handle loving something so much? Don't you just feel like you're constantly about to explode?!"

Casey is the second child to my sister, Whitney, and he is known to our family (and hundreds of loving, supportive friends) as "Casey the Brave". He was given this title just one month after entering the world when a simple cold caused him to go into Respiratory and Cardiac arrest. The amazing, loving, tireless staff at Richmond General Hospital spent 50 minutes resuscitating him - longer than would ever be recommended. 

On the Prayers and Support page that we created for Casey, Whitney wrote (on March 3rd, 2016):
"Thanking God for this MIRACLE!

On Monday evening (February 29, 2016) at Richmond hospital, we witnessed Casey suffer respiratory failure and go into cardiac arrest. It took them nearly 50 minutes of resuscitation to get him stabilized. When we arrived at children's hospital by the infant transport team, we were sat down and told that he would almost certainly have extensive brain damage and even if he recovered from the virus while on life support, he wouldn't survive without a ventilator if he was brain dead.

Casey began to show us that he was not giving up anytime soon. God has been gracious and our brave boy has battled back.

Today, at 2pm, Casey had the CT scan that would allow the doctors to see the extent of the damage.

We watched him go into the CT room and with trembling hands we prayed and asked God boldly for a miracle. We asked that this scan would not show any signs of his cardiac arrest whatsoever.

Within 15 minutes, our Doctor interrupted us and came in to say that there were NO SIGNS of abnormality in his brain. They could not see ANY damage.
One Doctor said "Well, your baby defies all logic."

We want to be clear, we believe that this is God's hand in the life of our baby boy and we want to give Him all of the glory.

Now we are heading into more days of stabilizing him while the virus finished its run, and then we will be slowly getting him back to full health before we can take our boy home.

The nurses and doctors here are amazed. They have been incredible in caring for Casey and they are rejoicing with us.

Thank you Thank you Thank you to the hundreds of you that have been praying for our son. We can say without a doubt that they have been heard and answered!We continue to pray for his complete healing and strengthening after this virus runs its course. Casey the Brave is well on his way!"

This was our little man at BCCH

Casey was in the ICU for 22 days and then spent an additional week in another ward of the hospital. He was able to come home to celebrate Easter weekend, but had to be admitted to the hospital a few more times because of breathing difficulties caused by a 75% closure in the airway just below his vocal chords. His first stint procedure was April 8th and the second on April 21st.

He is our miracle man. God showed His goodness and power in the life of this little guy and we are forever changed.

Fast forward to January 28th, one day before his 1st birthday.

Family and friends gathered at a Lumberjack party to celebrate Casey the Brave. Although every person there had contributed to his life in a significant way, two very special guests were in attendance - a nurse from the team of medical staff responsible for his resuscitation (she was the one giving him oxygen for 50 minutes) and an ICU nurse from Children's who spent countless hours caring for Casey as he fought to recover. To these two women, and the countless others who tirelessly serve children and families at our local hospitals, we cannot thank you enough. Your job is not an easy one but it is so incredibly meaningful. You have given us a gift and we can never repay you.

So, here are some images from the party that celebrated a most spectacular life. 

Casey, you are silly and happy and all-together wonderful. We love you entirely, brave boy.