Danielle M - Portrait Session

I'm lucky enough to be friends with a wonderful gal named Danielle. We met years ago in the Theatre department of UFV and she has been nothing but a kind, encouraging, gracious friend to me - one of those people who you feel adds positively to your life rather than draining you! Yay for those people! 

She is still adamantly pursuing the arts and I'm always so encouraged when I see her posts about upcoming shows - totally challenges me to keep at it too! 

Last weekend she came out to Vancouver to do a portrait session with me as a final "hoorah!" and celebration of her loveliness before some big changes take place. She has already been on a weight loss journey but next week she will be having a Bariatric surgery which will significantly impact her look. She had said to me that she didn't want to take the typical "Before" photos that people usually portray as being the worst version of themselves. She told me, "I love myself and even how I look today. So I want to celebrate that and take before pictures that look lovely and can be done similarly in a year or two." So that's what we did!

This is lovely Danielle. The next blog I do about her will probably look a bit different, but you will see the same sweet, lovable, infectious young woman rockin' it. :)

Go get it, girl! Proud of you! xo