Carolyn&Cooper - West Coast Engagement

When Carolyn contacted me about their upcoming wedding in Tofino, I clapped with giddiness at my computer! Tofino - I've never been! I can't WAIT to go on an adventure to one of BC's most treasured spots to celebrate Cooper and Carolyn's wedding. 

It was obvious, when having coffee with Carolyn to talk about wedding plans, that these two are going to be a lot of fun to spend some time with in June. I knew Carolyn in school (and fast-pitch!) but hadn't seen her in years. She was so easy to talk to and always quick to smile and laugh - my favourite kind of person! haha

In honour of their upcoming oceanside nuptials, we met up at the beach in Tsawwassen (our collective hometown!) to snap some "West Coast, Best Coast" engagement shots. 

Even though we're at the end of February (and any Canadians outside of the Lower Mainland in BC are going to roll their eyes at this) it was SO VERY cold! What's our argument usually? "It's a wet cold, so it's worse!" - but seriously, it was FREEZING and Carolyn and Cooper just persevered like champions. Matt came along to help carry bags and act as a second shooter, so he deserves a pat on the back for surviving that weather as well!

These two were so cute together: comfortable and cozy. It's always so fun to see how loving couples look at each other - it makes a freezing cold day seem a bit warmer :)

I'm so happy for you both - thanks for letting me join in on the celebration!