Malachi Alexander

'Tis the season for wonderful arrivals! Malachi Alexander made his way into the world at the end of November and I had the privilege of taking some photos of him just a few weeks later. This sweet little man is the first-born to my second cousin, Kalia, and her husband Zander. 

Kalia was worried that Malachi might not have been in the "photo mood" the day that we had arranged for the session, but when I arrived, he happily posed and squirmed exactly as we had hoped! 

I always marvel at the transition into parenthood - I've seen so many friends and relatives lately who have begun the adventure of raising kids and to watch the way that people shift out of a very self-oriented mindset and become enveloped in serving and sacrificing for their child is so incredible. Kalia, who I will always think of as my "little cousin" (because she is the same age as my "little" brother), has become a doting mother - Malachi has captured her heart so evidently. It was lovely to see the way that she looked at him. She already suits her new role so well.

Welcome to the world, Malachi! You are already such a precious gift - can't wait to see how God blesses your life :)