The Glasgows

Stefanie Glasgow is one of my favourite photographers. If you see a fabulous photo of me somewhere, Stef probably took it. She is creative and fun, fashionable and inventive and has been THE BIGGEST help to me when it comes to all things photography related. I could not have asked for a better mentor in this journey and I can only hope to someday be as patient and generous with another artist as she has been with me.

Did you ALSO know that she has been my friend since elementary school? She was in French immersion and I was in English, but we still hit it off. Some of my favourite memories with Stef are from our high school choir days - I remember ironing each others hair before a dance at a competition up in Whistler... with an actual iron... on an ironing board. I also remember goofing off in MANY of our rehearsals (and even concerts...). We were hilarious. Or so we thought.

Fast forward a few... ahem... many years. Grown ups, we are! In the Summer, Stef and James (her fabulous Nova Scotian husband with a killer sense of humour) had their first child. Harrison was an immediate sensation - an absolute cutie from day one. Now that his personality is really starting to show, he is almost TOO much to take. Editing photos of him had me in an absolute tizzy. I kept saying to Matt, "LOOK at this child! Look at this face! How will they ever say no to him? He's the most precious thing I've ever seen!" Haha. Good luck, Stef and James!

As Stef and James (and Harrison) are now living on the island, it was a very special treat for me to have the opportunity to see them and do a photo session here in Vancouver. 

I will also add that I was THRILLED to still have a bit of snow on the ground. I think it made for such a lovely setting - wouldn't you agree?

What a lovely time I was able to spend with some of the loveliest humans! Thank you, Glasgow family, for trekking on down to Granville island with me and starting my New Year off so wonderfully! You three are simply the best. xoxoxo