Jonathan & Kendrianne

I've known Jonathan since I was 8 years old. His family had moved over from England and his younger sister, Nicky, was in my grade 3 class. She and I became "thick as thieves" and when I wasn't at my house, I was at hers. We would often wrangle Jonathan into playing silly games with us or acting as MC to our musical performances. Fast forward 20 years. 

Jonathan has found the love of his life. She is beautiful, she is fun, she is kind - she is going to make a perfect addition to the Freeman family. 

Kendrianne and Jonathan first met in a class at university nearly a decade ago. They hit it off as friends and remained as such until a couple of years ago... I suppose they just finally realized that the person they had been searching for had been right in front of them for quite some time! 

Speaking from experience, there is something wonderful about falling in love with your "buddy." 

We hiked down to a lookout at Lighthouse park in order to capture some oceanside shots - I couldn't be happier with how they turned out!

Jon and Kendrianne, I am so thrilled for you. May this next year before your wedding be full of fun and excitement!