This is Jared.

We met a few months back at a theatre production my husband was involved in. We chatted about the Vancouver theatre scene. He mentioned that he was in need of some new headshots. I mentioned that I was a photographer and would happily give him my information in case he wanted to look into my work.

Was it deeeestiiiiiny? Probably not, but Matt and I DID happen to run into Jared quite a few times in the months following! 
We actually had originally planned on taking his headshots back in May, but life got in the way and Jared had to push the date back until yesterday... but BOY! I'm sure glad it worked out! Look at how photogenic this guy is! Made my job seem like a walk in the park (or, more accurately, 'a walk in the city' teehee). 

We were going for a few different 'niches' of local Vancouver film and television casting... I wonder if you can figure out which ones ;) 

Thanks for the fun evening, Jared! Can't wait to see your name rolling through the credits of an upcoming major picture!