The Rempels - Langley, BC

Lindsay is my cousin. She is my older, cooler cousin who I always admired. 

When my dad would pile us kids in the back of his truck and drive us out to Saskatchewan each Summer, we would always stop and stay with Lindsay's family (my dad's cousin, Val). Whitney and Lindsay's sister, Amy, were close in age and naturally got along easily. Lindsay was older than Amy and I was younger than Whitney but despite our age difference, Lindsay would always make an effort to include me and make me feel like I was "one of the big girls". I have many memories of our time with Lindsay's family, but perhaps my favourite is when we all were cuddled up in sleeping bags in order to watch the Calgary Stampede - it was July but the temperature was so low that it actually snowed! That's Calgary for you! I'm sure a few days later it was scorching hot again...

That was then, this is now - meet Lindsay, Chris, Jackson, Micah and Brielle.


They ended up moving from their hometown of Calgary out to Langley a couple of years ago and have adjusted brilliantly to the West Coast! 

We met up in Fort Langley on a crisp, sunny Sunday afternoon in order to capture family photos in time for Christmas cards! This good-looking crew also possess a very fun sense of humour...

We walked around the park, chatting and snapping photos. It is so easy to spend time with Lindsay and Chris - they are relaxed and fun. The kids were full of stories and information; animated and lively - just how kids should be! 

It was altogether a wonderful way to spend one of the last rain-free afternoons of the Fall - I'm very blessed to call this crew my family and I'm so glad they're out here in BC! 

Thank you, Chris and Lindsay, for letting me capture your wonderful little family! xo