The Dyck Family - Fall Photo Session

These are some of my favourite people.

You may think, "that seems unfair to your other clients" and you are correct. However, my other clients did not spend the past 28 years of my ENTIRE life with me... because they are not my sister, Whitney. 

It's been such an amazing thing to watch my original "other half" flourish in the roles of wife and mother. My sister is so much more than just those two things, but those are two of her most obvious triumphs. 

This is Whitney and her incredibly attractive family. Dave, my brother-in-law, has been around since he and Whitt became friends in 2002... Wait... I've been putting up with him for 14 years? Good grief. 

Actually, I really love him and not just because I technically have to. He and I were both at Bible College in Calgary together the year before he and Whitt were married and it was a really great opportunity for me to get to know him as a friend as well as appreciate him as the man ALMOST worthy of my sister's hand (for no man could ever be fully worthy). He's a devoted husband and father, a hard worker and a man of great integrity. 

You may notice that the two smaller humans appear to be child models. Not true. They are, in fact, my nephews: Jameson (3 years old) and Casey (9 months). Jamie is imaginative and silly. He has a fun sense of humour and is, without a doubt, a cuddle-bug. Casey is ALWAYS moving - he went through an incredible ordeal at one month old ( #caseythebrave ) and it's almost as if the life that was nearly lost has increased ten-fold within him! Both boys are quick to smile and love being surrounded by people. 

We headed down to a park near Dave and Whitt's home in Boundary Bay, Tsawwassen, in order to catch some fall colours on one of the last, non-rainy days in October. (Side note: rainiest October we've had since 1985 - not ideal for a Photographer!) 

All I had to do to make this bunch look great was point my camera at them and do a few silly faces (that was mostly for Dave's sake). 

We wanted to make sure that there were a few close up headshots of the boys for the Grandparents' walls - look at these faces. 

And of course we had to get a pose of Casey in the same pose that Jamie had with Mommy and Daddy a few years ago...

Big brother patiently waiting to get the show on the road.

Big brother patiently waiting to get the show on the road.

You should have seen my face when I was editing these photos. My smiling muscles were aching (so either I don't smile enough or this was just an overload..)

This family has a VERY large portion of my heart.