Curtis and Hannah - Spanish Banks Ceremony

You may recognize the following stars of this blog. 

I met Curtis and Hannah (and Easton!) at a Family Session back in the beginning of July. We chatted about their upcoming wedding and Hannah said, "we're not the kind of people who would be comfortable being photographed all day... but we're hoping to find someone to photograph the ceremony!"

Which then was me... if that wasn't clear. 

It wasn't hard to hit it off with this family - they are easy-going and fun to be around. If I thought they were cool when we FIRST met, they really stepped it into full-gear on October 8th (their wedding day) when they turned what most couples would label a "worst case scenario weather situation" into a super intimate, fun and unique wedding experience. 

I called Hannah (hands-free, of course) while driving through Spanish Banks, searching for the precise location. Due to the speed of my wiper blades, I was expecting to hear a slightly panicked bride on the other end of the phone. Nope. Cheery, helpful, relaxed. "Oh, you're probably close - just look for a tent... I mean, there SHOULD be a tent... or just look for the parking lot before you start going up the hill." Haha. Best bride ever.

The wind was too strong for the tent to be set up in the original location, so a new spot was chosen - under a nearby willow tree. Hannah's sister and brother-in-law quickly went to work setting up the tent in our "sheltered area" while the officiant insisted that Hannah and Curtis sign the wedding papers in her bright yellow Mini-Cooper. She was VERY insistent on staying warm and dry!)

When the papers were signed and Hannah and Curtis had each had a little sip of some pink "champs!" we all headed across the grass to the lovely little ceremony spot.

Surrounded by friends and family, huddled in the shelter of a willow tree, Curtis and Hannah said their vows, exchanged rings and sealed the whole deal with a kiss. 

Before taking a few family portraits and bridal party shots, Curtis and Hannah asked if everyone in attendance would pose for a photo so that they would have a visual record of everyone that came out to witness their wedding. It was very sweet.

The rain eased off for a little while following the ceremony which allowed for a few pictures by the water - Hannah was a real champion with her bare arms and open toe shoes. She hardly let on that she was essentially freezing... haha. 

Please notice how sweet Easton is. Those cheeks. Good grief. THOSE CHEEKS!

And then, of course, we needed to celebrate the fact that they lucked out enough to have a rainy wedding day! (I'm not kidding. Major good luck involved with that. It's a scientific fact. Ask Wikipedia.)

There is something kind of romantic and moody about rainy weather... and I won't lie, I loved using the umbrella! 

And just like that, it seemed our time was up! The newlyweds headed off (in a car with the heat blasting, I'm sure!) to their reception. 

It was a lovely afternoon for me. Lovely people celebrating a wonderful life event. 

I'm so thrilled for you, Curtis and Hannah! I have truly enjoyed getting to know you and I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Now, pass the "champs!"

xo JL