Josh & Megan - Family and Maternity

I have some pretty great friends. Megan is one of them. We met in grade 6 as members of a local community children's "honour" choir (thought I'd make sure you knew it wasn't just any run-of-the-mill, mediocre children's choir...) but didn't really strike up a friendship until we attended the same high school 2 years later. That was 15 years ago.

Life has significantly changed since then... for one, we don't have braces and wear sweatpants everyday (only SOME days) and we're not writing notes about our crushes and passing them to each other between classes. Funny thing is, the boys we wrote about in those notes actually ended up marrying us! Megan and Josh dated in high school for a while and then went their separate ways during University.... Matt and I dated during high school and then went our separate ways for 7 years.... We all ended up realizing what a great thing we had! 

Josh and Megan were married 4 and a half years ago, and 2 years ago welcomed their sweet little Lyndon (Lyndo!) to the family. Megan is now days (maybe weeks... hopefully days!) away from welcoming baby number 2!  

Look at this family! Just a bunch of stunners. 

Megan didn't get maternity photos when she was pregnant with Lyndo, so I wanted to make sure she had some "yummy mummy" shots for this pregnancy - she truly makes pregnancy look beautiful.

And then there's Lyndon. What a little monkey he is! He's smart and imaginative, expressive and silly. This little man is honestly one of the sweetest photo subjects because his face is just constantly telling a story! 

Thanks for the opportunity to share in your joy, Meg, Josh and Lyndon! I can't wait to meet the latest addition to this fabulous family :)