Derek & Chanel

I love meeting new people. I really do love the idea that I get to participate in creating memories for them; capturing a moment in their lives that is often one of celebration or excitement or just general happiness. What a fantastic thing to be a part of!

I was first contacted by Chanel in the late Summer. She had met my brother-in-law through Police training and had become friends with him and my sister as a result of that time. When Derek and Chanel had first become engaged my sister mentioned to them that I was a photographer and to "look me up" if they were interested in some engagement shots. Obviously they did... 

My husband, Matt, came along for the drive out to Langley and to help me as a second shooter (and extremely convenient bag carrier!) and we met up with this lovely couple at a Farmyard close to their home. It was a beautiful, warm, fall afternoon. 

I tend to get a common reaction from... well, gentlemen, when I'm taking pictures: "I don't really like having pictures taken... I don't really know what to do... This feels weird." I enjoy a good challenge! I do my best to start off with shots where the couple can relax. "Just walk towards me, holding hands. You can chat or look at each other or look at me - whatever you want!" While I was traipsing my way through the tall grass and setting up shots, Matt was cracking jokes - we were like a dynamic duo who were shooting a dynamic duo! 

We had a great time with these two - they were fun and easy-going. Quick to laugh and clearly in love. 

We made an attempt to include their sweet puppy in some of the photos, but it's hard to convince a dog to "pose" when there are farmyard excitements all around! He was off like a rocket, running from one end of the farm to the other - exploring and adventuring. We did manage a couple of pictures to prove he was, in fact, present!

We really enjoyed spending time with Derek and Chanel. I'm not sure how I'll be able to patiently wait until next Fall to shoot their wedding considering how excited I am for it! 

Thank you, Derek and Chanel, for the chance to join in on your story! xo