The Davis Family (& Mason the Mini Football Star!)

I love seeing old friends. (Old in the sense that we are both still super young and hip but have known each other for a while... of course). Steph and I worked together for 3 years at a local private school - I was the Kindergarten TA, She was the grade 1 teacher who then became a grade 2 teacher right before heading off on maternity leave. You may be able to tell by the following photos that Mason (her little boy) is no longer a baby. IN FACT, he has just turned 2! (Lucky parents, right?) He is actually the sweetest little guy, so Steph and Kevin don't have too much to worry about!

Since it IS October, we decided to really embrace the opportunity to go "all Fall" and headed to Westham Island Herb Farm (Ladner). There's simply no better place to find everything Autumn - pumpkins, hay bales, mini corn maze, root vegetables and an apple kiosk! 

Something that I've really liked about taking family photos over the past year is that I get the chance to watch parents interact with their children a lot. It's actually a really awesome thing to see how that relationship is so unique and wonderful in each family. It's especially cool to see someone that you watched working with children for three years (minus the bit where she was off caring for a baby!) interacting with her own child - there's still that intelligence and intuition in communicating with a little one (that I think all really great teachers need to have) but there is also such a tender sweetness between a mother and child. It's very precious. 

Lovely day. Lovely people. I'm a lucky lady.